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Empowering students, shaping leaders, building a better world

- The Oulton College Advancement

Oulton College is committed to maintaining its reputation as an institution that is accessible to all students and actively engaged with the community. As a college of choice for those who aspire to be global citizens, the college will continue to prioritize inclusivity and diversity in its admissions and outreach efforts. The college’s vision of becoming a destination for students interested in global citizenship cannot be achieved without the support of philanthropic investments from alumni, community members, and friends. These investments will be crucial in funding scholarships, building new facilities, and supporting programs that promote global understanding and engagement. Additionally, the college will work to foster a culture of civic responsibility and engagement among its students, encouraging them to use the knowledge and skills they acquire at Oulton to make a positive impact in their local and global communities. 

Alumni (+15,000)

Oulton College alumni are a diverse group of individuals who have been transformed by their experiences at the institution. They are leaders in their chosen fields, and they are committed to making a positive impact on their communities and the world.

The college has a strong alumni network, which provides opportunities for alumni to connect with each other, stay informed about the latest developments at the college, and support the institution through philanthropic giving.

The college values its alumni as an essential part of its community and works to keep them engaged and connected to the institution. The contributions of the alumni are vital to the College in its mission to provide quality education to students and to support the college’s vision for the future.