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Oulton College Scholarships

Integrated french Language Training

Oulton College has developed a partnership with the Université de Moncton to offer an integrated French language training component to our Primary Care Paramedic program (February).

Do I have to take the French component?

Not necessarily. You will be given a French proficiency test, and then placed in the program from there, so Francophones and those who have a high enough French language proficiency will not be required to take the extra courses.

How does it work?

Students will be offered French language courses over the course of the program and are eligible to obtain Université de Moncton credits for their learning. Students are not guaranteed to achieve any level of French proficiency, however, our students build their comfort and ease in communication after completing their courses.

Why did Oulton partner with Université de Moncton?

The Continuing Education Service of the Université de Moncton was the ideal partner for this initiative due to the expertise, experience, and strength of the U de M program.

Is French language proficiency important to employers?

We have found success in hiring has been directly linked to proficiency in the French language in New Brunswick and beyond, and within the province, it is mandatory in the field we offer this program. But it’s not just here that French matters – bilingual status and French language proficiency opens doors across the country, giving students from Oulton an advantage over graduates who are unilingual.

If you wish to receive further details about this initiative or program information, please contact us at (506) 858-9696 ext 110 or email us at [email protected]