Human Services Counselor

Human Services Counselor

Human Services Counselor

“Always remember that for every patient you see, you may be the only person in their life capable of hearing and holding their pain. If that’s not sacred, I don’t know what is.” Unknown

Human Services Counselor

You are:

  • Caring and patient
  • Looking to make a difference
  • Passionate about helping society
  • Professional and approachable

Counseling today is more necessary, rewarding, and challenging than ever before.

In today’s stressed out, overworked, hyper-connected world, mental health and wellness have never been more of a concern. Thankfully there are people like you – those looking to make a real difference in the lives of others. Counselors help those going through major life changes, those who are struggling with mental health issues like depression and anxiety, and countless other situations where a caring shoulder and listening ear are lifesavers.

How is the program set up?

You will receive individual attention from our industry-tested instructors in order to learn the skills and knowledge that, combined with your passion, pave the way for a fulfilling career. In an interactive classroom setting and through practical experience, you will gather the skills needed to work effectively with adults, families, individuals with exceptionalities, and individuals living with mental health issues.

What skills and content are taught in this program?

Our Human Services Counselor Program provide hands-on practical experience and training in:

  • Communications: basic counseling skills and techniques necessary to communicate appropriately with staff, clients, families and other human services care providers.
  • Interpersonal Relationships: principles and practices to develop collaborative and positive relationships.
  • Psychology: knowledge on such topics as motivation, personality, abnormal behaviour, emotion, development, social processes and psychotherapy.
  • Behaviour Management: applied behavioural techniques used to modify behaviour.
  • Advocacy, Conflict Resolution and Group Facilitation.
  • Community Development and Social Policy.
  • Certification in ASIST: Suicide Intervention.
  • Certification in CPI: Non-Violent Crisis Intervention.

I have the opportunity to train in my new skills before graduation?

You will have two Practicums, one 8-weeks in length and the other 12-weeks in length. These placements will not only allow you to practice and refine your skills with supervision, but also will connect you to prospective employers.

Can this program help me achieve my goal of a university degree?

Oulton College has partnered with Crandall University here in Moncton to allow students in this program to transfer credits toward their Bachelor of Arts in Organizational Management. You can earn both a diploma and a degree in as little as 3 years, all while working and gaining valuable experience!

Term (Year 1): September – July

Term (Year 2): August – November

Practicum: 8 weeks (Year 1) and 12 weeks (Year 2)


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