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  • Professional
  • Driven & ambitious
  • Patient & caring
  • A natural salesperson
  • Entrepreneurial

What is an optician?

Opticians are vision care practitioners who prepare and sell glasses, contacts, and other vision aids by using the prescriptions of Optometrists or Ophthalmologists. Opticians don’t diagnose vision issues, and they don’t handle the manufacturing of glasses and frames. They are the coolest mix of science and fashion – helping clients live their best lives with the perfect vision aids and accessories.

How is the course broken down? What will I learn?

Our Optician Program will provide hands-on practical experience and training in:

  • Dispensing: lab safety, operation and use of equipment used for the fabrication of spectacles.
  • Clinical Practice: simulated and real life hands-on practice.
  • Contact Lens: principles of contact lens assessment, design, fabrication and fitting.
  • Ocular Science: anatomy and physiology of the eye, structures of the eye and associated pathologies, as well as the physiological processes related to vision.
  • Communications and Professionalism: communication techniques and professional interaction between various eye care practitioners, support staff and clients
  • Business and Sales: overview of principles for operating a retail vision care business and selling products to clients

That sounds complex…will I get to practice before jumping in?

As with every course at Oulton, you’ll be trained as well as being educated. You will have plenty of opportunities to practice the skills you learn in class, both on site and in practicums and clinical.

We build your skill and your confidence in our amazing on-site clinic, and then set you up with two practicums plus one clinical where you will practice and work within a team while also getting to know future employers. In your first year, you’ll have a full course load plus an 8 week practicum and a three week clinical. In your second year, you’ll finish off with a 4 week practicum and the opportunity to write the National Exam to become either a licensed optician or dual licensed in contacts and dispensing.

Term (Year 1): September – Aug

Term (Year 2): September – May

Practicum: 8 weeks (first year), 4 weeks (second year)

Clinical: 3 weeks (first year)


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