Placement & Career Services

We want you to feel a sense of pride when you come to Oulton College.

It’s the sense of pride that comes with knowing that as an Oulton student and future grad, your skills and knowledge will make you stand out among other job applicants. You can trust that the Oulton College name will help you with your job and career prospects. We are student-focused and employer-approved.

On the Job Placement & Career Preparation

Our Career Services Team will work with you to find the right fit for your program’s on the job training placement. Furthermore, our students’ renowned professionalism is what employers want and expect. Staff and faculty will help foster good work habits and can be counted on for tips and insights on your chosen career. We want to make sure that you are well equipped not only to find a job but also to keep it long-term.

Career Advice

Our Director of Career Services keeps up on today’s most current job searching tools and techniques. He is available for individual support and advice to make sure you can quickly start your career in your chosen field. The Director of Career Services is available for one on one consultation throughout your school year, and post-graduation, to help you prepare your resume and gear up for a successful interview. During your time here you will also have access to an on-campus interview room, so you can meet prospective employers without even leaving the campus. At Oulton College, we get to know our students and grads well – and this is an advantage when hiring an Oulton Grad.

Part-Time Work and Other Opportunities

A part-time employment fair is held each fall for our students.  Our Career Services Team is happy to pass on tips on finding part-time work to supplement your income while you are a student. They’ll also orient you towards opportunities to volunteer on or off-campus.