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This Fall – 2020

As we welcomed June and the unofficial start of summer, many people are wondering how we will transition into the 2020-2021 academic year. The realities of COVID-19 have caused us to shift our traditional delivery model. While this has not always been easy, it has provided us with an incredible opportunity to enter a new phase of Oulton educational excellence, with the same commitment and passion for student and graduate success that has made us top choice for career focused education since 1956.

Our fall academic delivery model brings us great excitement. The restrictions imposed by the COVID-19 pandemic will remain our reality for quite some time. Therefore, our fall 2020 academic delivery model for all students (Health Sciences, Business, IT & Human Services) will be a blend of online learning and in-class modalities. You can expect a balanced blend of live digital classroom instruction as well as interactive hands on and practical course work in your face-to-face classrooms and lab settings. We want to reassure all incoming students that our personalize approach to your learning remains our commitment. Specific programs schedules are in development and will be ready in mid-July.

Since March we have been working under this new method of delivery and we are encouraged by the results we’ve had. Connection has been key! Not just a virtual connection, but a connection between instructors, classmates and the material that has remained the hallmark of our success. This has proven our ability to produce standout graduates who are workforce ready no matter the challenges. The education team has worked diligently to plan, execute, respond and adjust to this new education model and we know that the quality of an Oulton College education will remain as strong as ever.

We look forward to having you join us this fall for what promises to be an exciting academic year. In these challenging times, we recognize it can be scary to take on a new opportunity. Know that we will be with you every step of the way. It won’t be long before you too are counted among the thousands of successful Oulton College graduates who have entered our workforce ready to lead, innovate and make meaningful change.

See you this Fall!