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Financing Your Education

Your pursuit of a college education is one of the most important investments you’ll make.

Once you’ve decided to take your future to the next level, your first step in financing your education starts with self-reliance – exploring personal and family resources for funding your dreams. After you’ve identified your personal resources, the next step is to investigate Federal and Provincial financial aid opportunities, as well as other financial assistance programs that can supplement your financing.

At Oulton College, we can help you take full advantage of all financing that is available to you. Since every student’s financial situation is unique, Oulton College is here to assist you in determining your financing options and to help you finalize an affordable financial plan that works for you. It’s your education and your future – but it often takes help to fund it. As you pay off your loans with a great new job and pay your taxes, you’ll be giving back to the system, too, ensuring future students can make their dreams come true. The investment starts now and the rewards last a lifetime.

Once you have registered in your program, your Admissions Advisor will help you explore the different financing options that are available to you.

We’ve provided some links to help you in your financial planning: