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Moncton – A Great Place to Live

Moncton is part of a tri-community area that is now the fastest-growing metropolis in New Brunswick.

This vibrant, bilingual city offers traditional Maritime charm mingled with an alluring sophistication of entertainments, restaurants and museums.

Exciting Nightlife

Moncton has a vibrant downtown nightlife with a variety of different venues offering great food and entertainment. The city has featured everything from top acts like the Rolling Stones and U2 at the Magnetic Hill Concert Site to exciting performances at the Coliseum and other venues.

Business Hub

Moncton was ranked “The Best Place To Do Business In Atlantic Canada” by Canadian Business Magazine in 2004 and has remained in the Top 10 list for five consecutive years. The cities central location makes it the perfect place to do business!

Sports Central

Moncton has a thriving sports scene with the largest stadium in Atlantic Canada (home to many international and sporting events including FIFA and CFL), the Moncton Wildcats hockey team and the Moncton Magic basketball team.

Smart City

Moncton was named one of the world’s “Top Intelligent Communities” by the Intelligent Community Forum in 2009. It also won a Google eTown Award in 2012 recognizing strong engagement and potential for growth in the digital economy. Free Wi-Fi is available on the Oulton College campus, throughout Downtown Moncton, and on Codiac Transpo, the city’s public transportation system.

Extraordinary Shopping

Moncton is the shopping centre of Atlantic Canada and home of Champlain Place, the largest mall east of Montreal, along with an ever-growing retail development at the Trinity Power Centre.

Greater Moncton

Eating, Entertainment, Hot Spots & Attractions

Where Will I Live?

Many of our students choose to live near our campus, but Greater Moncton has plenty of affordable housing to choose from throughout the tri-city area. We are centrally located, with lots of housing nearby. Our Student Services team can help point you in the right direction. You can also check local listings on websites such as Kijiji.