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Education Pathways

Earn the best of both worlds in less time than you think

Oulton exclusively offers education pathways program,  through the partnership with Crandall University here in Moncton, we allow students in certain programs to transfer credits toward their Bachelor of Arts in Organizational Management.

Crandall University

Students graduating in good standing from the Business Management & Entrepreneurship, Sales, Marketing & Business Development, Child and Youth Care, Human Services Counselor, and Policing and Corrections Foundations Diploma programs have the chance to continue their studies with a flexible schedule, allowing them to work in their field as they gain the degree that will allow them to further their careers and their lives.

By completing the series of classes, offered at night, at Crandall University, you can graduate with both your diploma and degree in as little as 36 months, depending on the diploma program you’ve completed. For students who are looking to maximize their work experience during their university studies, the classes can be spread out over two years – your lifestyle, your goals, your choice!

You don’t have to choose between college and university. With this partnership, Oulton and Crandall are offering you the best of both worlds, and all in less time than you can imagine!