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Student Success

Focused on Student Success

Personalized Service

At Oulton College, we pride ourselves on being student-focused. We will help you achieve your personal dreams and goals. We take the time to meet you so we can talk about your plans and come up with a strategy for your success. Our personalized approach is our biggest strength. Your success is our number one priority.

Your New Career Starts When You Step On Campus

We are committed to preparing you for the workplace. In fact, we consider your first day on campus to be the first day of your new career.

We’ll help you by providing support as you navigate your job search and meet with prospective employers.

Beyond The Classroom

We offer support and referrals to help you cope with your personal and college life.

As an Oulton student, you can also benefit from a variety of academic support services including peer-to-peer tutoring and a resource support center.

We Welcome Diversity

Students from all parts of the globe and all age groups mingle as one on our campus.  Our campus has become a mosaic of students from different cultures and backgrounds. We take pride in making everyone part of our welcome and comfortable environment.