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Dental Assistant (Level II)

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*We currently do not offer Dental Assistant Level I

You are:

  • Detail-oriented
  • Caring
  • A team player
  • Friendly and patient

What is a dental assistant?

Dental Assistants are health care professionals that serve an integral part of the Dental Health Professional Team. You will graduate from this program with the skills and training you need to provide general oral health care, including preparing and maintaining dental instruments, dental charting, exposing dental radiographs, applying fluoride and a host of other duties.

Will I get to practice these skills?

You’ll have the opportunity to apply and practice skills learned in the classroom in our state-of-the-art dental clinic. With the guidance and the expertise of our instructional team of Dentists, Assistants, and Hygienists, you will have access to a learning environment that promotes your success! While there is a strong classroom and clinical practices component to this program, what sets the Oulton experience apart is the level of hands-on practical experience and training in:
  • Procedures: assisting with dental procedures, preparing instrument tray set-ups and mixing dental materials, taking preliminary impressions, polishing teeth, taking and developing x-rays, placement of rubber dams, etc.
  • Community Experience: our clinic serves over 2,500 clients annually.

Will I get to have experience outside of the college clinic?

On top of practicing your skills in the dental clinic, this program includes a 5-week Practicum where you will learn to work within a team, develop relationships, and learn the day to day practices of local dental offices. You will graduate from this 10 month accredited program with the opportunity to write the National Examination providing you with the ability to be licensed nationally. Term: August – June Practicum: 5 Weeks You Will Learn:
  • Microbiology
  • Anatomy
  • Restorative Dentistry
  • Communication
  • Dental Records
  • Clinical Practice
  • Collect and Record Patient’s Health History

Admissions Requirements:

  • Grade 12 Diploma, Adult Diploma or GED
  • Grade 11 or 12 English*
  • Grade 11 or 12 Biology* with a minimum 65% average
  • Meeting with an Admissions Advisor
  • Acceptance by the Admissions Committee
  • Completion of the Pre-Enrollment Package

*Level II or University Preparatory courses are required. Based on New Brunswick Anglophone High School Curriculum.

Unless they have completed a minimum of three years of study at a school where English is the language of instruction, international students whose first language is not English must submit proof of English language proficiency:


  • CAEL – minimum score of 60 
  • IELTS – 6.0, with no individual score lower than 5.5 
  • TOEFL (IBT) – 80, with no individual score lower than 18 
  • MELAB – minimum score of 80 
  • Duolingo – minimum score of 105 with no subject test score less than 95
  • Cambridge English – minimum score of 169 
  • Pearson Test of English – minimum score of 50 

Please see the international application process here.

Admissions Requirements – French School System


    • Diplôme grade 12, diplôme adulte ou GED
    • Rencontre avec un Admission Advisor
    • Biologie 411 ou 421 avec minimum de 65%
    • Anglais 311 ou 411 ou 421
    • Des quotas géographiques peuvent être considérés
  • Course Descriptions:


    Communications and Ethics

    This module will provide the students with knowledge of ethics and law in dentistry and the dental assisting profession. The class will consist of instruction and practical role playing experiences that will allow the student to implement their communication skills in the dental office and with the public.

    Communications and Dental Office Administration

    Students will gain an understanding of the roles of a receptionist and how to communicate effectively. Understanding the psychology of a patient, the proper maintenance of a patient file, accounts payable/receivable, payroll and insurance form procedures and processing will be taught. Basic banking procedures commonly used will also be covered.


    Oral microbiology will focus on the study of microorganisms existing in the oral cavity. Knowledge of microbiology and the role of infectious diseases in the dental office will be covered.

    Intro to Clinic

    The students will complete the theory required to be able to confidently practice in a clinical setting. Sterilization, disinfection and orientation to the office and clinical set up will be taught and reinforced through clinical experience.

    Introduction to Anatomy and Physiology

    This module will include an orientation to the structures of the human body and the functions within them. Topics covered: parts of the cell to the major body systems and how they work together.


    Chair side intra-oral procedures and processes will be detailed in a classroom setting, demonstrated evaluated in the clinic. The student will learn to recognize and understand the procedures, instruments and materials used to complete common restorative appointments.

    Dental Science

    This course will educate the students in dental sciences including embryology, landmarks of the oral cavity and components of the dentition. Applying the information to a clinic setting by demonstrating the ability to complete a patient record will be achieved.

    Dental Health and Nutrition

    This course will educate the students in dental health, allowing them to recognize, explain, and demonstrate proper oral hygiene techniques to their patients. The skills required to perform preventative dental assisting tasks will be demonstrated in a clinic setting as students practice on a typodont, each other and graduate to patient care. This course also covers basic nutrition theory that will allow the student to be able to discuss the relationship between diet and good dental health with their patients. Community dental health projects will be prepared and delivered throughout the year.

    Pharmacology and Medical Emergencies

    A dental assistant student will gain the understanding of objectives related to the classification of drugs, how they affect dental procedures and how to use drug reference material, including understanding prescriptions. The knowledge and understanding of medical emergencies and how to assist during one of these emergencies is key to a dental practice.


    Basic principles of physics and radiography will be covered, ensuring that the student understands the importance of radiology and the safety precautions required to operate a dental X-ray unit. Techniques will be taught in class and practical experience will be gained later in the program.

    Head and Neck Anatomy/Oral Pathology

    This course will provide the student with a detailed description of the head and neck region including theory as it relates to the bones, muscles, nerves, and blood supply. This course will also present the student with material on diseases of the oral cavity and diagnostic information that a dentist would use to determine pathologies. The course consists of classroom material enhanced with a series of instructor handouts and visual materials./p>

    Dental Specialties

    This module is comprised of a series of seminars derived from dental specialties. Information will be delivered as it relates to the practice of a dental assistant in any specialty office. The course is supported by a series of guest speakers and office rotations.

    Dental Records

    Tooth morphology and proper charting will be covered during this module. A clinical chart will be discussed in depth including details on obtaining information and being able to complete a chart in detail. Students will learn how to complete a chart and to understand the importance of being able to communicate the information to the patient.

    Laboratory Procedures

    Taking place in a lab setting, combined with classroom instruction, students will learn the methods of lab procedures such as taking impressions, pouring and trimming models and preparing custom trays.

    Patient Care Clinic

    This module will provide the student with the opportunity to learn hands on and be evaluated on all aspects of clinical dental assisting. The complete process of client care will be brought together in a “real” clinic setting as the student schedules patients to be treated in a supervised patient clinic.

    Radiology Lab

    The student will practice radiology techniques on a typodont, including safety, exposing, processing, and mounting radiographs.


    Five weeks of supervised practical clinical experience will be achieved. Student’s time will be spent in a general dentistry practice and have hands-on practice.

    *Content is subject to change by administration as required to meet program and profession standards.

  • Career Choices:

    There is a long list of dental clinics across the provinces who have hired Oulton grads. Our renowned dental program boasts a remarkably high placement rate.

    • Assist in Chair-side Dental procedures including: Restorative, Endodontic, Prosthodontic, Surgical
    • Prepare and maintain dental instruments and supplies.
    • Instruct patients on post-operative and general oral health care.
    • Expose dental radiographs, take impressions, do sealants.