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Oulton College is Here to Help You Succeed

We’ll help you manage the workload, earn credits and cement your professional skills so you can get ahead – wherever you go.

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“We'll help you find your way through college and career – with a dedicated student services team and a student centric community whenever you need them.”
Oulton Financing
Shabeer Hussein Amirali
Vice President, Oulton College

Increase Your Employability With an Oulton Education

Whether you see yourself working in healthcare, business, human services or IT, Oulton is the place to be if you want to create an outstanding future for yourself.

At Oulton College, you will receive the skills and practical training you need to gain a place in the world of work; you will be empowered to become an active learner, a confident communicator and an adaptable colleague.

A few more reasons to choose Oulton College…

Career Fairs

Our career fairs are focused on building the necessary skills to equip students in the workforce.
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Academic Upgrading

Oulton College is happy to bring you Academic Upgrading Program to help you achieve your dream of a career in the health sciences field.
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Diploma to Degree

Get the best of both worlds, and all in less time than you can imagine, so you don’t have to choose between college and university
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