Policing and Corrections Foundation

Policing and Corrections Foundation

Policing & Corrections Foundation

“Some superheroes don’t wear capes: they are called corrections officers.” Unknown

You are:

  • Caring and patient
  • Looking to make a difference
  • Passionate about helping society
  • Professional and approachable

Exciting News!

As of January 9th, 2018, Oulton Policing & Corrections Foundation graduates will be exempt from the RCMP Entrance Exam (RPAB).

Does graduating from this program mean I can only be a police officer?

Not at all! Graduates are eligible to apply for careers in Provincial and Federal Corrections, Police Departments, Canada Border Services Agency, Military Police, Sheriff’s Department, By-Law Enforcement Officers and Security Firms – there’s so many choices, but all of them provide rewarding, challenging, and respected careers.

What will I learn during this program?

Our Policing and Corrections Foundation Program provides hands-on practical experience and training in:

  • Police Procedures: investigating procedures, vehicle stop, use of force, fingerprinting, warrants, forensics, etc.
  • Corrections Procedures: search and restraint, inmate movement, prison sub-cultures, etc.
  • Emergency Response.
  • Use of Force Simulation Training.
  • Self-Defense, Arrest, and Control Techniques.
  • Courses in Values, Ethics, The Charter, The Law, Sociology, Psychology
  • Volunteer activities in the community to practice your skills.
  • Physical Fitness and Preparedness including PARE testing (RCMP, Sheriff Department, Provincial Corrections requirement), regular drill, and daily fitness exercises.

Will I be fully prepared for my career by taking this program?

A focus on preparedness

During the program, students will not only learn and practice the required skills to be successful in their chosen career but will also have daily sessions to ensure physical and mental preparedness.

Real life experience

While there are plenty of hands-on opportunities during the 9 months of this program, there is no substitution for real-life experience. Students take part in a 12-week Practicum placement to gain this experience.

Can this program help me achieve my goal of a university degree?

Oulton has partnered with Crandall University here in Moncton to allow students in this program to transfer credits toward their Bachelor of Arts in Organizational Management. You can earn both a diploma and a degree in as little as 3 years, all while working and gaining valuable experience!

Term: September – August

Practicum: 12 weeks


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