Medical Laboratory Technology

Medical Laboratory Technology

You are:
  • A problem solver
  • Science-minded
  • Curious
  • An independent worker
  • Tech-savvy
  • Detail oriented & meticulous

What is a Medical Lab Technologist?

Medical Laboratory Technologist’s primary role is to perform laboratory analyses and interpret clinical results. Lab results are generated by conducting diagnostic tests on blood, body fluids and tissues providing important information used in detecting illness and monitoring patient health and wellbeing.

What is taught during the 25 month program?

Our Medical Laboratory Technology program provides in-depth theory and hands-on practical training in:
  • Anatomy & Physiology
  • Clinical Chemistry: detection and quantitation of blood and body fluid analyses such as hormones, proteins, electrolytes
  • Hematology: the study of blood cells and blood disorders
  • Transfusion medicine: transfusion of blood and blood components
  • Microbiology: identification of and susceptibility patterns of microorganisms and fungi
  • Histotechnology: laboratory processing of tissue for pathologist study at the cellular level
  • Report Compilation: communication skills, technical writing, laboratory mathematics
  • Blood & Specimen Collection: collection and analysis, processing techniques, quality management, analytical principles

What kind of real world experience can I expect?

Students receive direct hands-on experience in our modern Health Sciences Laboratory. You will complete clinical rotations through the intensive 25 month program after which you will also complete a 10-week Practicum in one of our partnered health care facilities.

What paths are open to me after I graduate?

Oulton College works hand-in-hand with leading hospitals and regional laboratories to ensure our graduates are highly skilled and prepared to enter the work force directly from their Practicum. The program is structured to meet the national competency profile for Canadian Society for Medical Laboratory Science. Successful students of this program are eligible to write the national certification exam.

Is this program accredited?

Oulton College is currently seeking accreditation of the Medical Laboratory Technology Program from the Health Standards Organization (HSO) and its affiliate accreditation (AC) through their new EQUAL Canada program.

Term: February to February (Note: This is a two year program)
Practicum: 9 weeks during the two-year program in addition to clinical rotations throughout the program.