Business Management and Entrepreneurship

Business Management and Entrepreneurship

“Build your own dreams, or someone will hire you to build theirs.” Farrah Gray

You are:

  • Driven
  • Ambitious
  • Inspired
  • Action-oriented
  • Ready to make the world a better place
  • Focused on building an empire


The Business Management & Entrepreneurship Diploma Program takes people just like you with the dream, the drive, and the desire to excel and gives them the skills they need to be successful in today’s marketplace. The modern business world has moved beyond spreadsheets and boring business plans – to launch a startup, build an empire or grow someone else’s company, you need a solid foundation of base skills…but even that’s not enough. You need to learn from experience – both your own and from those who have blazed this trail before you. At Oulton, school’s out: training is in.

We source and recruit our instructors from the corporate world, so you learn from those who have had success in real life. We go beyond classroom lectures, giving you and every one of our students the opportunity to develop and use your skills, connect with the business community, and build your network – all before graduation day.

So how do we turn students into business mavericks?

Our Business Management & Entrepreneurship Diploma program provides hands-on practical experience and training in:

  • Accounting: The lifeblood of business.

    • We teach you the standards of recording and reporting financial transactions, and how to understanding and analyze crucial financial reports.
  • Business Communications: Building relationships to push you higher.

    • You learn the tricks of the trade for writing effective and user-friendly business documents, letters and reports.
  • Business Law: Know your rights, and protect your interests.

    • Enter the essential world of contracts, torts, employment, property and consumer protection.
  • Human Resources: Because people make the world go round.

    • Learn the principles of Human Resources Management and labour relations
  • Social Responsibility: Business doesn’t happen in a vacuum

    • Knowing how to make money is only the first step to building a rewarding career (and life.) Our philosophy is to prepare our students to be successful members of the community with a background in ethics, social entrepreneurship, and involvement.
  • Marketing, Sales & Advertising: Get your message out there (effectively).

    • You’ll develop strategies to promote products and services as well as increase revenue.
  • Entrepreneurship: The Real Dragon’s Den.

    • Learn the exciting (and functional) steps to entrepreneurship right up to writing a business plan and going through the steps of opening and operating your own business, including delivering pitches to real investors.
  • Project Management: The art of execution.

    • The most important component of business is strategic execution; learning how to start, manage, and successfully execute large-scale projects – a course unique to Atlantic colleges.

This program involves 9 months of classroom work, developing and incubating your skills in each area of business. But you’re not done yet! With successful completion of the classroom component, you will be given the opportunity to complete a four week practicum. You’ll be able to test, apply, and build on what you have learned and also gain valuable experience (hello resume building!) so you can hit the ground running after graduation.

If the world of business intrigues you and you have an entrepreneurial spirit or envision yourself as part of a business management team, then our Business Management & Entrepreneurship Program is the program for you.

And one final bonus of choosing Oulton to make your dreams reality: this program has an articulation agreement with Crandall University if you wish to further your education.

January Intake

Term: January 2020-May 2020

September 2020-February 2021

Praticum: 4 weeks

Articulation: This program has an articulation agreement with Crandall University.

September Intake

Term: September – June

Practicum: 4 weeks

Articulation: This program has an articulation agreement with Crandall University.


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