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Tips for Students

Student Life

Are You A New Student In Oulton? These Tips For Students Will Help You Familiarize With The Campus For a Better student life. Learn More.

Shopping and Eating

Numerous grocery stores are located near campus and offer student rebates and/or incentives. Greater Moncton is the shopping center of Atlantic Canada and home of Champlain Place, the largest mall east of Montreal, along with an ever-growing retail development at the Trinity Power Centre. Lots of shopping and eating can also be found in the Downtown area.


Oulton students have access to our vast parking lot. Codiac Transpo offers bus service throughout the Greater Moncton region and offers monthly discount passes to Students.

Sports, Fitness Classes and the Gym

Staying fit and active can help to keep your focus in class. We’re located right next door to the YMCA which offers student membership rates. There are also many gyms around Moncton that offer special student discounts – so be sure to inquire within.

Events on Campus

Activities and events on campus present an opportunity not only to relax in-between/after classes but are also a great way to meet new people! Check out our Student Connect page to stay in the loop.

Career and Work Opportunities

It’s never too early to start thinking about where you want to work after graduation. Our Placement and Career Services can help you find potential employers, enhance your resume and practice your interview skills. We’re also happy to pass on tips on finding part-time work to supplement your income while you are a student. We can even help you find opportunities to volunteer on or off campus.

Extra Help

If you feel you are struggling with your studies or need advice on any personal issues you are dealing with, we can lend a supportive ear. Oulton students have access to Support Services.