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Student Services

The Student Services team at Oulton College provides comprehensive support to students to help them overcome any barriers that may impede their academic success. The team is composed of three coordinators: the Student Services Coordinator, the Student Finance Coordinator, and the Student Retention Coordinator. Each coordinator specializes in a specific area, allowing them to provide targeted support to students. 

Student Services Coordinator

Oulton College is committed to providing educational accommodations to students with various accessibility needs, learning disabilities, and/or physical or mental barriers. Academic and service accommodations are considered for all students and reviewed individually. Student Services also provides students with educational support and resources to eliminate barriers they may face in the classroom (Time Management, Study Skills, Exam Preparation Etc.).

Student Finance Coordinator

Student Services provides students with one-on-one support to create plans for funding. This may consist of providing support to apply for government funding and sharing valuable information about grants and financial resources. The coordinator also sits with students to create budgeting plans or shares community resources that alleviate finical issues.

Student Retention Coordinator

The Student Services Team focuses on helping students transition to Canada. We sit with each student to make sure they have proper documentation like Study Visas, SIN cards, Medicare Cards, etc. They also help eliminate barriers they may face by providing them with English Language Support or helping them connect with fellow students and resources to get them integrated into the community.

Student Testimonials

The Student Services team is committed to providing students with the resources and support they need to succeed academically and thrive personally. They are available to students throughout their college experience, and they welcome the opportunity to work with students to overcome any challenges they may be facing.