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Oulton College in New Brunswick, Canada

Oulton College in New Brunswick, Canada. The college offers programs in four faculties: Business, Health Science, Human Services and Information Technology.

“Making History Since 1956 Our story is one of educating people to engage fully in an ever-changing job market. Since our origin as Oulton’s Business College in 1956, we have built on a tradition of relevance and excellence. Oulton College was founded by Gordon A. Oulton. Armed with a forward vision and a modest staff, he set out to teach the 80 students registered for courses in the early years of the college. Early courses were designed to meet an urgent shortage of certain skills in the labour market. Within only a few short years, the College became well established and earned a reputation for quality. Rapid growth soon followed. The College was unique in two ways, both of which carry through to this day.”

4 Flanders Court Moncton, New-Brunswick E1C 0K6
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday8:30 am – 5:00 pm

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