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Our Programs

Student-Focused Programs

Are you a student looking for your next step after graduation? A recent high school grad wondering what to do with your life?

Out in the workforce and feeling stuck, knowing you’re underemployed and believing you should be doing more with your life?

Welcome! We’re glad you found us. We are in the business of changing lives.

As an Oulton student, you can expect a dynamic classroom experience with hands-on learning and real-world experience to ensure that you learn today’s most up-to-date and sought-after skills.

We will work with you, we will challenge you, we will help you grow yourself while you grow your skills, and from start to end, we will be there every single step – guiding, advising, building life-long friendships and support systems that you can depend on long after you’ve started on the life you deserve.

Faculty of Business

Earn your diploma to start your career in sales, finance, government or insurance.

We also offer a diploma in Travel and Hospitality. You could find your next career on a cruise ship or in a resort!

Faculty of Health Sciences

This in-demand field has a variety of careers to choose from! Discover which program matches your interests and start your new career today!

We want to help you achieve your dreams, that’s why we offer academic upgrading for those who need help getting into one of our health science programs.

Faculty of Human Services

We produce the very best special needs workers, teacher assistants, child care staff and intervention workers.

Our popular Policing & Corrections Foundation program prepares grads to work in security, law enforcement, and correctional facilities.

Faculty of Information Technology

IT jobs are always in demand! Oulton is well connected to the IT sector, ensuring our grads have opportunities waiting for them upon graduation!