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Student Expectations

Studying at Oulton College is a demanding, but rewarding experience.

Oulton Student Expectation

Fast-tracked programs mean that, as a student, you will assimilate a lot of new skills and expertise within a short time frame, so that you can enter the workforce and start earning an income faster than most post-secondary programs.

Punctuality, attendance, and professional appearance are very important in the workforce, so they’re important here. We expect you to maintain a minimum mark of 65% – 75%. We expect you to have a professional attitude, work hard and use your Oulton education as the first step towards your new career. In return, you will be rewarded by the personal attention and vested interest we have in your success.

We Get to Know Our Students

At Oulton College, you won’t feel the anonymity like you might at bigger colleges or universities. You are never “just a number” to us! We treat all our students as part of our growing family. We take the time to truly get to know you – from your very first day up until your graduation.

Plenty of Individual Attention

Small class sizes mean that you will receive lots of individual attention from your instructors. We accommodate various learning styles as well as learning difficulties. If you need extra help, our Student Services staff are never far and can provide a sympathetic ear as well as solutions to help you overcome challenges.