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How to Prepare for a Career in Medical Laboratory Technology

How to prepare for a career in medical laboratory technology

Becoming a medical laboratory technologist is a great choice for anyone who’s fascinated by science and likes to help people. It’s also one of the fastest growing professions in Canada. If you want to enter this field, it’s important that you take the time to prepare yourself for success as an MLT (Medical Laboratory Technologist). 

To work in the medical laboratory profession, you must first complete your education. There are many options available depending on where you live and what type of career you want to pursue. To become a medical laboratory technologist, you will need to complete postsecondary education at either college or university level. 

Oulton College’s Medical Laboratory Technology Program

The Oulton College Medical Laboratory Technology Program in Moncton, New Brunswick is a good option for those looking to pursue a career as a medical laboratory technologist. The school offers an accredited program with hands-on experience that can prepare students for employment in their future field.

Oulton College’s program emphasizes both theory and practical knowledge, which allows students to develop skills they will use on the job immediately upon graduation. In addition to classroom learning, they also have access to laboratories where they work with real samples under supervision from instructors and experiential learning is a critical component of the curriculum.

As you prepare for a career in medical laboratory technology, it’s important to gain experience in the field. You can do this by volunteering at a hospital or clinic and learning what being a medical laboratory technologist entails. It’s also important to work in a medical lab or clinical research lab that uses testing equipment like centrifuges, microscopes and other instruments used by medical technologists. It will give you an idea of how these types of labs operate daily.

How to prepare for a career in medical laboratory technology 2

Stay focused on your goal and keep developing both your specialized knowledge and your transferable skills as you prepare for a career as a medical laboratory technologist.

You may be wondering how you can build up your transferable skills. We’ve all heard of the importance of having good “soft skills,” which are transferable to any job. How do they differ from hard skills?

Transferable skills are those that can be used in many different jobs, such as communication, problem solving, teamwork and leadership. They help you get along with your co-workers and make you a better employee overall. You can develop these skills through educational programs or hands-on experience like taking classes in public speaking or volunteering at community events.

In this blog post, we have discussed the basics of medical laboratory technology and how to prepare for a career in it. Medical laboratory technologists are an important part of the healthcare team and play an important role in detecting diseases, monitoring treatment plans and providing care for patients with chronic conditions like diabetes or hypertension. We hope this article gave you a better understanding of what it takes to be a medical lab tech!

If you are interested in learning more about our program at Oulton College, you can request a meeting!