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How Oulton College's Business Management and Entrepreneurship program prepares students for the real world

Business Management and Entrepreneurship program 1

Oulton College’s Business Management and Entrepreneurship program is dedicated to ensuring that students are prepared for the real world. Our graduates have gone on to great success in a variety of careers, including marketing manager at a major corporation; chief financial officer at an insurance company; and some have even started their own businesses.

The course is a one-year full-time program that focuses on developing your entrepreneurial skills and understanding of the business world. The course combines academic learning with practical experience, giving you the opportunity to develop your own ideas into real businesses while also learning how to manage them effectively.

Business Management and Entrepreneurship program 2

The teaching team consists of leading academics and practitioners from a diverse range of backgrounds including entrepreneurship, innovation management, marketing and finance. You’ll be taught by some of Moncton’s top experts in their fields so that by the end of this course you will have all the knowledge needed to become an effective entrepreneur or manager within an organization or start-up company.

Business management and entrepreneurship qualifications are valuable because they give you a broad understanding of all aspects of running a business. Oulton College provides a unique learning experience for students from all over the world. We make sure that our curriculum is up-to-date with current industry trends, so you can be confident that your knowledge will be relevant when it comes time to apply for jobs or further study.

Students will learn how to manage their own businesses in areas such as accounting, marketing and strategy development – as well as how to set up their own companies from scratch if they choose too!

Oulton College‘s business management and entrepreneurship program is built around real-world learning experiences, giving students the skills, they need to succeed in any industry. We know that success doesn’t happen overnight and we don’t expect it will for our students either. That’s why we take time to help each student develop their own personal strategy for achieving their goals by developing skills like teamwork and communication.

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